Taşyapı sets its roadmap for 2018. Active in construction, tourism, agriculture and airport operation, the company will focus on hotel investments in 2018, setting off to build 5 hotels in Turkey and abroad, with a total investment of $750M. 

Having a total business volume of $8B, Taşyapı continues to invest in 2018. Taşyapı CEO Emrullah Turanlı said that they were active in airport operation, real-estate development, contracting, tourism and agriculture and that they would focus on hotels. Kicking off a 300-room hotel project in İstanbul, Etiler, Turanlı heralded construction of another hotel within a mixed project to be realized in Şişli.  


Turanlı stated that they would have new investment abroad and continued, “We are operating in Balkan countries, Europe and Africa. We will build a 350-room hotel in Munich, Germany. We are currently negotiating for the land next to this project in order to make it grow gradually. We are working on an hotel and railway project in Senegal. We launched our project for a hotel in Luxembourg. We established Taş Yapı offices in these countries. We are happy with the way they look at us as investors. They care about us. They like Turkish companies. Politics is a different subject, but in terms of commerce, we are admired in Europe and Africa.” Stated that they planned to make an investment of €250M for 2 hotels in Istanbul, Turanlı said that they would invest in about €500M for tourism abroad. Turanlı said that they closed a deal with Hilton for the hotels abroad and that the negotiations for Turkey continued. 


Stating that the investments in the real estate continues, Turanlı said that there are about 1000 residences in his portfolio. Turanlı said that they aimed to provide employment opportunities to about 2.000 people in their construction sites.


Stating that they had projects ready-to-deliver, namely Four Winds on Baghdat Avenue, and Koşuyolu Koru Evleri, Turanlı said, “We expect 100 houses to be sold but the actual sales numbers are limited to 35. It's a slow progress. But we conduct projects with high level of customer satisfaction. We do not consent to sell houses only showing the project in model form. We first complete the project, then sell it. We offer a selection among the completed projects. They can check the projects and choose according to their budget. Projects with quality work should be differentiated. Unfortunately, anyone can be involved in house-building. But it is not as profitable as everyone thinks it is. The profit does not exceed 5 percent. Construction and land costs increase exponentially.”  


Stating that he had confidence in Turkey's future, Turanlı said, “The future is bright in tourism. Turkey will face towards Europe, attracting more tourists.” Indicating that they are making efforts to finding credit, and making new investments, Turanlı continued his words, “Business world will not stop, we will keep on working. But we cannot succeed on our own. We need to be supported by politics and bureucracy. What we mean by support is that shouldn't hold us back. These are not the the times for making troubles. Let's all remember that businessmen are the porters of this country and without them, there is no investment.”