Chairman of the Executive board of Taşyapı Construction, Emrullah Turanlı said that cities should definitely carry out zoning transfer so that they could be more habitable areas.
İSTANBUL- Chairman of the Executive board of Taşyapı Construction, Emrullah Turanlı said that cities should definitely carry out zoning transfer so that they could be more habitable areas.
Organized by Hürriyet in order to promote the best for real estate industry and provide support for the solution of the problems within the sector, the seventh of the 'Summit for Developing Regions‘ was held in Istanbul. 'Koşuyolu-Altunizade' was in the agenda of the Summit.
Making a speech in the Summit, Chairman of the Executive board of Taşyapı Construction, Emrullah Turanlı depicted the problems experienced in the city.
"Something unusual developed in Istanbul, which is not available in any part of the world. We sent the employees out of the city. Industry is within the city in all world. But which industry is within the city, I mean the industry without smoke. They say that there would be no art workshops in Altunizade, Kadıköy at all. Why not? Why shouldn't a marble, furniture workshop should be located within the city. It should be inside the city if environmental planning is made. Why should a furniture workshop should be out of the city. Why do we send them out of the city. Today, an artist makes track for 3 hours to go to work. Today, art workshop, picture, furniture, handicrafts, electronic,  whatever comes to your mind are all inside the city in Europe. They go out of their houses and arrive their business place in just 10 minutes. I travelled all over the Europe one by one. Domestic animals, animals for dairy, animals for meat live together. There are cows, birds, chickens in every quarters. There are dairy farms in every quarters where you can obtain milk. Aren't there any people living in those quarters? We don't have such a culture. We pushed this away. In Istanbul, we say that 'we should never have an industrial branch within the city.' But, a cement factory had been established, it makes every where down at heels with its dust. Whatever it is, you should purify. Today coal plants are within the city in Europe, filters are attached and the plant is operated inside the city. We shouldn't dismiss the employees working inside the city. People should be close to work place. This will also settle the traffic," said Turanlı.


Drawing attention to the location of Altunizade in his speech, Turanlı spoke as follows: "Altunizade is a very beautiful place. The residents are very decent people. Altunizade is just 25 minutes away from Atatürk Airport. May God be pleased whom built Eurasian Tunnel. Altunizade gained an incredible location. Now Metro will also go to Sabiha Gökçen, it would be possible to be in the airport within just 15 minutes. It became an incredible, perfect place." 
Attracting attention to the fact that a new touristic area developed within the territory, "It is essential to make fun-tourism investment here. It is essential to carry out religious, cultural tourism, new investments for health. However, the territory has a very significant problem. Development is something that can be achieved totally. Selling house to the rich is not something we can consider as a development. It is not development, if a very rich man comes here from Europe and have treatment. Development takes place fundamentally if an unemployed person has a job, food etc. Development takes place if we can make the unemployed people around us have jobs. As the businessmen, we should, contribute to this," said Turanlı.


Pointing out shanty settlement in Üsküdar, the famous businessman said that "Squatting contributed to the development of Turkey. But for squatting, Turkey wouldn't develop this much. Construction, textile, furniture, whatever comes to your mind, all of them were due to this poor industrialization. People came to İstanbul and built shanty houses, then they bought products. But this was a shanty settlement. Now shanty settlement completed its life. Now there are many things to be done in Altunizade.


The problem can't be solved by demolishing a building and giving 2 floors. Here transformation at the apartment scale doesn't have that much contribution. It protects from earthquake but it has no contribution for the green. The very same building is demolished and reconstructed with 2 more floors. How did the world settle this. We made a mistake once the green areas inside the city are zoned for construction. We should carry out the transformation of our quarters in the city. There is an application in the world, called 'development transfer.'  we should definitely apply this in Altunizade and Üsküdar. People do not minimize or leave their houses as long as they are forced to do so. But this will be very easy if people are entitled with the right of development transfer. If the people are allowed for transfer of a bigger house in another place instead of their house herein, then people would consent to this. Thus, the people may have residences in other places. it is definitely essential to pay attention to development transfer in Üsküdar," said Turanlı.