Starting his business life from scratch,  Emrullah Turanlı, the Chairman of TAŞYAPI Group, supported the President Erdogan's call “not to keep dollars under the mattress, exchange them.” Turanlı said that “Do not stock dollar but business. This country is all of ours.” 
- While Turkey is talking about July 15, economy is on the agenda. It is indicated that economy is not changing for the better. 
In fact, one of the main reasons of July 15 is the economy. Because, people are directed towards other things if level of income does not increase. Traitors, who planned July 15 thought that Turkish economy is not in a good state. They thought that nobody would object to if they carry out that coup attempt. But, they couldn't know that Turkish people do not have wills based on money only. They tried to stage the coup over a party. But the people showed them that they would select their politicians themselves.
- Do you think crises is close at hand? 
Of course not. There is no crisis. Turkish economy is having hard times, this is true. But, as the businessmen, it is in our hands to turn these days back. We will not be afraid of what is experienced in our country and the world, and of the games played on Turkey. We will turn into investment what we have acquired in this country up to now.
politicians to govern us, opposition parties, municipalities, press and non-governmental organizations will also support us. As a businessman, I, myself, continue to make aggressive investment. Of course, this is not something to be achieved with me only. All businessmen should have the same opinion.
- Aggressive investment is a risk, aren't you afraid of this? 
I am not afraid at all. I earned everything in this country, and I would invest what I have earned again for this country. There isn't a circumstance in which people can say ''we went to the wall, we ran out, the crisis wrapped all around the country.


- But it is told that there is a secret crisis... 
There is a crisis in all the world. If you sit back as there is crisis and incline towards usury, then it takes a turn for the worse. This country suffered a lot from usury. Everyone used to get the interest and, sit back. This is why our country fell behind, failed to complete its economy. Businessman should not make calculations regarding interest, but investment. The more we produce, the more our dignity will increase. No one should seek for a pretext.
Everyone should turn into investment what they have at their hands. An investment attack should start in 81 provinces. We should avoid tricks from outside. This country needs investment but not the tricks. And the politicians should give up the habit to block the nation.
- The fire of dollar is burning everywhere. Does it affect you? 
Of course, it does. After all Turkey is a country that is integrated with world economy. But the way not to be affected from the dollar is through investment. We should all talk about real investment. This country should attract local investment. We are a constitutional state. Nobody should be afraid, we had accepted the European Court of Human Rights.
The businessmen of the world should make investment in Turkey without hesitation. If there is no real investment, but investment on equity shares, and the currencies on the basis of foreign exchange are considered as investment instruments, this means that Turkey is deceived. We need real investment and production. Never be afraid of a dollar level of 3.50. You will see dollar will be at the level of 2.50 before 1.5 years. This nation will smack on dollar, just as it did for July 15.


 - Are you taking measures?
I am working for 24 hours. That would be better if you ask; ''whether our problem is to make profit or save the day?’ For sure, our problem is not to make profit. Enterprises can't stand without driving profit. But we are not in those days to think about profit. Nowadays, we would ensure that people find jobs.
Our companies will not make a loss either. We try to carry out our works in a planned way. We do not earn money at these days, we try to not to make loss. The aim is not to lay off staff, not to get into panic and sustain the economy of the country.
- Area of politics is brownout. Experiences have an impact on the economy without any doubt. Does this circumstance demoralize the businessmen?
Total struggle by the politicians of our country is a motivation for us. I am not talking about gathering together and comply with the ideas of a single party. Each party will have their own political opinion and an economic policy. But there are some common values; such as the security, education and health system of the country.
Unfortunately, political parties do not have economic policies today. They all keep telling ‘There is unemployment in Turkey’ Well then, what is the solution? they don't tell the solution. You should offer the solution alternatives for the current government. We should immediately train our people.
- Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) says that they are worried and request that State of Emergency be immediately lifted. Do you agree with this? 
Turkey has gone wrong for 50 years. It is essential to make a comeback from that mistake. And this can be achieved with state of emergency. What is the harm of state of emergency for citizens? Let state of emergency clear the diseases in Turkey. State of emergency does not tell me ‘not to make investment, go out or find loan. Therefore, lift/continuation of state of emergency does not prevent Turkey to be a constitutional country.
- You have a call for trade chambers. What are your expectations? 
I am calling out for Trade Chamber as I am a member therein. My call is not only for trade chambers, but also for all Turkey, businessmen, professionals and non-governmental organizations including myself. Only one person can't solve the problem of Turkey. We should express ourselves to the world.
Because, we want to develop, become rich and integrate with the world. The world can't understand us just like that. Turkey has trade and industrial chambers with more than one 1 million 200 hundred thousand. We can't do anything on our own. But the injustices, we suffered would be removed if non-governmental organizations and trade chambers contact with the world. This is all of my misery.


 - Did you have a respond for your call from the trade chambers? 
Ali Kopuz from Union of Chambers, and Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, the President of Union of Chambers called me. I told them what I would like to do. The President thanked me stating that I had drew attention to a very significant issue. He told me that they would bring the world into Istanbul and Turkey and my idea would be supported. Neither me nor the others can win if Turkey doesn't win. We will all make a struggle so that Turkey could win.
- You have problems with municipalities recently, can you tell? 
I have no problem with the municipal council and the mayor, selected by the nation. However, I react against the injustices, performed by them. This reaction of me has continued for 40 years. My reaction also increases as the severity of it increases gradually. Today, Kadıköy Municipality has the trouble of actual cruelty performed by them. Those, who run the Municipalities are not allowed to commit offense. But they committed illegal acts. And I took them to the court with evidences. They made me perform the work in 10 years, which I should have done in 3 years, they blocked me.


- How do you evaluate economic policies of ruling AK Party? 
If they were bad, we would spend this process much worse or we wouldn't even spend it. But they should go down hard. Economic policies of the government should be immediately supported. We have 81 provinces.
We have many people from tea house to those, who want to establish a factory. The governors, district governors, mayors of the provinces and related entities should pave the way for these people who would like to start up a business. It is essential that Turkey should proceed to industrial agriculture. It is essential to improve industry. I tell you what, there is no unemployment in Turkey.
- How come? Data do not indicate the contrary… 
By looking at those data, we cause unease for ourselves without making any research. Just as there are things, Turkey has been good at doing for 100 years, there are also things which it performs badly. We couldn't settle educational system completely. We failed to provide applied training. The young receives education for 20 years, they get graduated but they can't be successful with their diplomas as there is no applied training. They can't find job since they don't know the drill. This is why, there isn't any unemployment in our country. The only problem is that out our youngsters do not know the drill. If we provide practical trainings, Turkey can make progress.


- Did you listen to the President and exchange dollars under your mattress? 
I am not stocking up dollars, but business stock. I exchange dollars every day. I never keep dollars. Because we make use of loan. We make investment when we use credit. We have nothing to do with dollars. That is a reality.
It is true that we use foreign exchange loan. World markets prefer this. But we make use of TL while using it. I believe that Turkish Lira was reduced much more than it deserves.
So what, if dollar is TL 3.50? They tried to bring economy down as July 15 failed. This is something immoral. Well, did the investments stop in Turkey? Did anyone close down their factories?